Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape Ponds

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All types of landscape ponds should be maintained on a regular basis. The routine practices carried out on these units depend on the content, location, construction, and size of the pond. Homeowners should learn how to manage their ponds, whether they are above-ground or in-ground, large or small.  You can hire pond maintenance experts by contacting koi pond maintenance company. The materials used in making they mainly influence the maintenance requirements.

  • Every pond should have the following basic elements:
  • Edging materials– This consists of concrete paver and stones. Edging is helpful in preventing the surface water from getting into the pond. If not controlled, this water can easily contaminate your units.
  • Liner-It is made of PVC sheeting or flexible synthetic rubber or fiberglass, or rigid plastic. Liners contain water, and they are helpful in preventing leaks.
  • Sandbed– It acts as liner’s resting spot. It is either made of concrete or clay. Ponds should be maintained on a weekly basis. It should also be done after the rainy season to remove sediments.

How To Maintain Your Unit In Spring

Cleaning and Topping off The Level of Water

The bottom of the pond is cleaned by draining water. Hosing down of the liner should also be done. Ponds repair kits are used in locating and patching leaks. This is done to prevent water loss from your pond. The pump is reinstalled, and it’s worn out filters replaced is necessary. The pump is used in topping off the levels of water to prevent the build-up of minerals and salts.

Removing Debris

Debris and skin leaves should be removed to prevent toxic gases. The oxygen level is increased by adding oxygenating aquatic plants. The potted plants should be divided to achieve a vigorous growth.

Feeding fish

The fish in the pond is fed using food that is rich in carbohydrates. This is one of the effective methods of increasing the activities of fish.

Replant water lilies

Marsh, lotus, and lilies should be divided and then replanted. In addition to this, you should add newly submerged and floating plants after the water has warmed up. This is helpful in keeping algae in check. Finally, fertilize the potted plants.

How to Maintain Your Pond in Summer

Adding Water

The water level should be topped if necessary. Keeping the water balance is one of the effective methods of preventing the build-up of minerals and salts. The small amount of water should also be added often.

Control Pest

Plants pests should be controlled to encourage the growth of healthy plants. Algae should be controlled with a rake or a long-handled pole. The dead plants should also be removed as it can be used as food by various pests.…