Factors to Consider When Looking for AC Repair Services

Choosing a good AC repair service is never a walk in the park like some people may want to presume. One of the reasons why this is the case is that many companies claim to offer these services. You will only know that you made the wrong decision after they disappoint you. So always do your homework when it comes to choosing the right AC repair service provider. The following are essential factors that you should consider when looking for an ideal air conditioning repair St Louis.


It is always good to choose a company that has already established itself. As they say, there is nothing new under the sun. What this simply means is that the AC repair company that you are about to hire has never been able to do a good job in the past, then chances are that they will not do an impressive job when it comes for your turn.

The best way of learning about the reputation of an AC repair company is to read the online reviews and get to know the perspective of other people who have used their services before. You can also talk to friends and family members as they can provide you with the information that will help you make an informed choice.

Professional Technicians

Before hiring an AC repair company, it is good to know whether or not their technicians are well trained. You can establish this by asking them to provide you with certifications that prove that they indeed have the skills that you need. Also, professional technicians will be proud to show you their qualifications. This is an essential factor because if the technicians are not well qualified, the chances of them making costly mistakes are very high.

Affordable Services

You do not have to hire an AC repair company that will drain you financially even if you are looking for quality services. There are many AC repair companies out there that are willing to offer you their services at a cost-effective price. The problem is that people seem to believe that if you pay cheaply, then you will get poor quality services.

This is not always the case. There are instances when you can pay a lot of money and still end getting poor quality services. So it is all about you doing a serious price comparison before deciding on the company that you are going to work with.…

Tips for Finding the Best Custom Kitchen Designer


The kitchen is the pride of any home. This is why you need to ensure that your kitchen is well designed. Because only a few homeowners have the designing skills, learning how to hire the right kitchen custom designer is very important. There are many factors that you will need to consider when looking for a good custom kitchen designer. Remember that a slight design mistake can turn your kitchen into a place that you would not want to spend most of your time in and that is definitely not a good thing. Be sure to consider the following factors. You can also check out Kitchen Design Melbourne for more information.


Those great custom kitchen designers that you see out there started somewhere. So when looking for a good kitchen designer, it is good to go for those who have been in the business for quite some time. The long period that they have been in the business gives the exposure that is needed for quality services. This, however, does not mean that newbies cannot offer you quality services. It all depends on the criteria that you are going to use in the process of deciding on the best kitchen designer to hire. The point here is that not all custom kitchen designers are good for you.

Design Ability

Now that there are many designers in the industry, you need to find someone who has the ability to offer you quality services. But how can you tell that someone has that quality? Well, that is not a simple question. However, if you spend some time researching about the designer, you will always get answers to your questions. Check the work that the designer has handled in the past and see if they are impressive. If they are not, then you should keep searching for a better designer.


They say that no man is an island and I cannot agree more. You will always need people in your life for one reason or the other. In this case, you will need to hear what other people have to say about the kitchen designer that you want to hire. If the designer is capable of offering you quality services, then you will find that they have many positive reviews.


You also need to make sure that kitchen designer is qualified to offer the services that they claim to offer. Designing is a profession like any other and therefore needs to be handled by people who know what is expected of them. So be sure to ask them to provide you with certifications to show that they are indeed qualified to do what they do.…

Picking the Best Landscaping Company

landscape design

Maintaining your lawn may be a difficult task that is why you need to hire a landscaping and lawn maintenance company to do it for you. The landscaping contractor will provide quality services that will make your home to be attractive. The major services that are offered by the landscaping contractor include landscape design and installation as well as maintenance.

However, you are required to choose a professional landscaping company such as the Lowcountry Landscaping Company. This will guarantee your satisfaction with the incredible landscaping services. The following are major factors that you should consider when choosing a professional landscaping contractor.


guy garden landscapingExperience is very vital when choosing a landscaping company. A company that has worked for a long period has learned several skills to maintain beautiful landscapes. To know if the contractor is experienced, they should provide some projects that they have done in their business endeavor.

They should have operated and completed many projects both commercial and residential landscapes. On the other hand, the staff should be qualified and have the right expertise for designing a home in many different and impressive ways.

High-Quality Work

The only way you can identify a landscaping company with quality services is by checking their websites. On this websites, they indicate the work they have been doing for their clients. Quality involves the type of equipment used. A company with the right set of landscaping equipment will give you the best impression with their landscape design and maintenance.

For more information about the quality, you need to visit the previous projects done by the company and find out if they are satisfying. You can also be in touch with the company’s referrals who will testify about the quality of services provided by the landscaping contractor.


Certification is important for any company that provides landscaping services to the public. A license is one of the certificates that you need to check when hiring the landscaping company. This is a proof that the company I worth and credited to offer its services to you. However, you need to follow the right procedure to ensure the license is genuine.

Contact the licensing company or the Better Business Bureau to find out if the company is genuinely certified. More importantly, the company should show you a record for the regular inspection by the inspection board in your state. This will ensure that you get services form a company that is genuine.


garden designMany people make mistakes by choosing landscaping company that has limited equipment. You will be overwhelmed if you are not careful with your decision.

You need to inspect the kind of resources the landscaping as before you finally hire it. It is important for you prioritize companies with modern equipment that uses new technology to design your home.

The equipment should also be eco-friendly so that besides making you environment beautiful, you also keep it safe for living. The equipment will also contribute to great and quality work for your landscaping process.…

Home Services: Reasons Why You Need a Professional Electrician


The internet is awash with do-it-yourself videos and tutorials for various repair tasks at home. While the temptations to give a try is always there because of the savings to be made, certain jobs require the services of a professional. One such job is electrical installations and repairs. If you need one for your home, visit this Facebook page to get more information. The reasons are many and varied.

The Right Job is Done

complicated electrical workThere are times when people spend a lot of time and money doing a job that eventually turns out to be flawed. Unfortunately, more money will be required to rectify the situation. To avoid all these, hire a professional electrician from the word go and spare yourself the stress.

Secondly, when a mistake is made during installation or repair, it can cost more later on subsequent repairs. That simple task could end up costing more because probably it caused other damages that were not foreseen. Not only is more money spent, but also more time is spent. The time that could have been used to do other productive engagements.

Safety Concerns

Electricity is dangerous. There is no question about that. If you rely on DIY videos, a small mistake could be fatal. Malfunctions in the electrical systems may cause fires, shocks and other dangers. At times, the future concerns for safety cannot be guaranteed. Pay a little more and have a professional do it.


Protecting Devices

Poorly designed circuits and networks may cause damage to house appliances and other pieces of equipment. Alternatively, the appliances may become worn out. A properly trained electrician will handle your wiring properly at a reasonable cost.


electrical services The professionals are always good at diagnosing problems. Their experience in having worked at different homes and sites give them an edge over issues. They always have the best solutions at the right time.

This troubleshooting will result in savings being made for both money and time. Secondly, electrical wiring may look simple at the start but its part of a larger network. Fixing a problem may end up causing problems to other circuits.

These problems are normally not foreseen. These problems may turn out to be complicated and expensive.


A lot of professional electricians are attached to companies. What this means is that should problems arise later on, the client may write to them and request for a re-inspection. If they are at fault, they can redo the work at no extra cost.

In the recent past, various legislations have been passed that require various professionals to pass tests before their licenses are either issued or renewed. This requirement ensures that the states have their details and they can be apprehended in case of professional malpractices.…

The Best Landscapers in Brisbane

big home

Landscaping refers to the modification of a particular area to improve its aesthetic appeal and functionality. This modification may occur in two principal ways. One of them is the introduction of living elements into this area while the other one is changing its inanimate setting. In this case, living elements refer to plant material whose appearance compliments the surroundings.

For example, the colors of the flowers may be similar to the company’s logo if it is a commercial enterprise or to the patio furniture if it is a residential home. This material has to be in the right place to create the maximum effect on the people who view it. It should have access to an adequate amount of sunlight as well in addition to proving shade for people if it is a tree.

Changing the Inanimate Setting of the Area

yardLandscapes can be dull and uninspiring. For example, compounds that have nicely trimmed grass are enviable, but adding or modifying the setting can make them inspirational. Landscapers in Brisbane can perform this task for you. They can start by changing the elevation of the compound so that it has high points and low points.

More specifically, some parts can be high while others can be low. This kind of arrangement has numerous benefits for you and the people who frequent your compound. For example, it creates a natural path because most people would walk along low-lying areas. It helps you direct water flow towards the drainage system as well, and it does that naturally.

Another step that you can take is the introduction of water bodies or rocks into your compound. The water body may be a small pond in your backyard. Small stones may line pathways or surround particular plants to encourage people to stay within specific boundaries. Other modifications such as fountains and unique lighting systems may be ideal as well.

Hiring a Landscaper for These Services

This kind of work is highly technical requiring years of experience, training, and education. For example, where do you get the best flowers for small gardens in the area? What type of soil is appropriate for elevating sections of your compound? What kind of effect does this elevation have on the drainage of rainwater from the area? How do you install a foundation in your yard?

Qualified landscapers can answer these questions for you because they know everything there is to know about landscaping. This knowledge includes expertise on turf installation and the creation of water features including waterfalls. Others are adding large boulders as focal points in your yard and creating interlocking stone walkways.


Work with the best landscapers in Brisbane so that you can benefit from these services. Check their portfolio for evidence of excellent work done in the past for their previous clients. Examine their credentials to make sure that they have the right qualifications for the job. You can also check online reviews to see what other people are saying about them.

However, the best step to take is to work with Sovereign Landscapes if you are looking for a landscaper for your compound. We have years of experience in this business, and we have a highly trained team of professional landscapers. Contact us today for landscaping services in Brisbane.…

Beginner’s Guide to Windows Installation for Your House


Windows replacements can be useful and cost-effective projects for home improvement. You will need a few tools to allow you to remove an old window and set up a new one. The work may take a week to finish for all wood windows assuming you are working alone and you might incur some costs for the parts and the new replacement window. Consider going through the following beginner’s guide to windows installation for your house.

Tools and Materials

You will need a screw gun, a circular saw and a pry bar. You will also need a wooden windowsill, insulation for the window and cedar shims. You might also require trim molding, your double-paned window, silicone, and paint. For tools, you should consider adding finish nailer, miter saw, and harmer. These tools will allow you to install a new window. If you are going with a professional installer, then you do not need the tools as the experts come equipment with industrial ones.

working tools

Always Start with Safety in Mind

You may need to have your goggles and your gloves although most windows will come off easily from their assembly. Remove the window trim and casing before attempting to lift off the old window. The prybar comes in handy here as it allows you to create a gap between the window and the wall to make it detach easily. Safety concerns should also have you inspecting the existing window to see whether there are damages to the frame. The precaution helps to make sure the new window will not fall off and be a safety risk.

Always Fit the New Window When Dry

You might be using adhesives and other substances to remove or install your windows. However, you need to ensure your wooden surfaces are dry. The silicone should come in when you have a dry fit of the window to the available allowance. The dry frame should give you a rough idea of the space needed when there is full expansion. You might need to spend more time or shift the installation hour to ensure that the dry fitting is perfect. After that, you can proceed with the sealants.

Apply Sealants Evenly

You must always apply the sealants well to make sure there are no gaps to allow air and heat to escape. A bread of silicone run on the inside edge of the window stop should do the trick. You will need a level to make sure the window is sitting horizontally. You will have to screw its frame to the jab with the available hardware packet provided by manufacturers. This step is usually straightforward, and it marks the end of the windows installation.


Additional Helpful Tips

Power tools will help you do the job fast. You can use a drill for the screws and a pressure gun for the nails. You could also use a sealant applicator for the silicone. You may need to carry out a test window installation to gauge your capabilities before working on the actual windows. Remember that it is never late to seek help from professionals. You might need to watch them work before you can embark on a DIY project with your new windows.…

Benefits Associated With Home Improvement Projects

renovated home

Home improvements projects are helpful in adding value and making a home more appealing especially to the buyers. In addition to this, these are projects are helpful in improving the lives of homeowners. Many people have been renovating their homes to express their style and individuality. You can accomplish your desired renovation by upgrading your property. All that you just need is a good dream and plan. Some of the common renovation projects include the addition of new rooms and upgrading the existing ones. The Seventh Street Manor in Edmonton is an example of how the investment in renovations drastically increased the value of the building. The following are the benefits associated with home renovation or remodelling projects:

Increasing Space

increased home space-balcony

Increasing space is one of the greatest ideas of improving the feel of those homes that are too cramped. It is mainly done by adding new rooms or by expanding the existing ones. You can use the additional space for hanging out or entraining your guests. You can also enjoy the sunshine by including a sunroom in your home.


Homeowners should remember that their homes are their castles. They should always feel safe and comfortable within the four walls. Many people have been using these projects to make their homes more beautiful and valuable. Replacement siding and windows are some of the improvements that can help people in making their homes fell less drafty. Again, this is another great way of protecting a home from weather-related damage and intruders.

Curbing Appeal

renovated homes

Energy efficiency, space maintenance, and comfort are the main concerns for homeowners. You should consider your home as a long-term investment project. You can boost the appearance of your home by carrying out exterior remodelling projects. This is a great way of increasing the market value of your property. It can also give passers-by and neighbours a good impression of you. Anyone who is planning to sell his or her property in future should work towards maintaining its stylish appearance.

Reducing Utility and Maintenance Costs

This is another advantage of renovating your home. Home repair costs can increase significantly if maintenance is postponed too long or ignored. Homeowners can save additional expenditures by starting improvement projects immediately when problems appear. For instance, they can increase the energy efficiency and security level by replacing siding, doors, and windows. Insufficient and outdated insulation should be replaced more efficient and newer materials. The house’s operating cast can be reduced by adding a sunroom. In addition to this, remodelling is another excellent way of increasing the beauty and functionality of a home.…

Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape Ponds

home pond

All types of landscape ponds should be maintained on a regular basis. The routine practices carried out on these units depend on the content, location, construction, and size of the pond. Homeowners should learn how to manage their ponds, whether they are above-ground or in-ground, large or small.  You can hire pond maintenance experts by contacting koi pond maintenance company. The materials used in making they mainly influence the maintenance requirements.

  • Every pond should have the following basic elements:
  • Edging materials– This consists of concrete paver and stones. Edging is helpful in preventing the surface water from getting into the pond. If not controlled, this water can easily contaminate your units.
  • Liner-It is made of PVC sheeting or flexible synthetic rubber or fiberglass, or rigid plastic. Liners contain water, and they are helpful in preventing leaks.
  • Sandbed– It acts as liner’s resting spot. It is either made of concrete or clay. Ponds should be maintained on a weekly basis. It should also be done after the rainy season to remove sediments.

How To Maintain Your Unit In Spring

Cleaning and Topping off The Level of Water

The bottom of the pond is cleaned by draining water. Hosing down of the liner should also be done. Ponds repair kits are used in locating and patching leaks. This is done to prevent water loss from your pond. The pump is reinstalled, and it’s worn out filters replaced is necessary. The pump is used in topping off the levels of water to prevent the build-up of minerals and salts.

Removing Debris

Debris and skin leaves should be removed to prevent toxic gases. The oxygen level is increased by adding oxygenating aquatic plants. The potted plants should be divided to achieve a vigorous growth.

Feeding fish

The fish in the pond is fed using food that is rich in carbohydrates. This is one of the effective methods of increasing the activities of fish.

Replant water lilies

Marsh, lotus, and lilies should be divided and then replanted. In addition to this, you should add newly submerged and floating plants after the water has warmed up. This is helpful in keeping algae in check. Finally, fertilize the potted plants.

How to Maintain Your Pond in Summer

Adding Water

The water level should be topped if necessary. Keeping the water balance is one of the effective methods of preventing the build-up of minerals and salts. The small amount of water should also be added often.

Control Pest

Plants pests should be controlled to encourage the growth of healthy plants. Algae should be controlled with a rake or a long-handled pole. The dead plants should also be removed as it can be used as food by various pests.…

Factors Considered When Hiring Flood Restoration Companies


Flooding can lead to a devastating loss in your company or home if it is not controlled. It can cause unpleasant odors some of which that may linger for months or weeks. Homeowners should hire restoration companies that can provide professional and great work. These problems can be addressed by hiring a certified flood restoration firm. Hiring the right company is not a walk in the park. Sometimes it can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know what to consider.  You can learn more ab

out Food restoration by visiting Super Dry Flood Restoration Online Website.

flood damage

Getting the best firm can help you in saving money in the long run by preventing re-occurrence of problems in future. Again, it is another great way of preventing long-term problems such as mold and structural damage. In most cases, flooding is caused by broken water lines and heavy downpour.

The following are the essential tips that should be considered when hiring flood damage restoration firms:

  • Asking for referrals-This involves asking for referrals from friends or family who have dealt with similar problems in the past
  • Comparison– You should compare different companies to get the best quotation.
  • Use the internet– Check the ratings of different companies by searching on the internet.
  • References– the firms being considered should be ready to provide a list of references.
  • Interview potential firms– Interviewing these firms will give you an opportunity of asking the relevant questions.

Why You Need to Hire a Flood Restoration Firm

Reduce Costs And Losses

Flooding and water damage can lead to business or home structural damage. Prolonged exposure to water should be avoided to prevent damage to the flooring and walls. Water infiltration can also take place on the dry walls leading to fungal growth and hidden cracks. The total cost of damage can be reduced by hiring a flood restoration company. The affected area should then be cleaned and dried.

Safe Mould Remediation

wall- moulds

The growth of mold is one of the most significant challenges that occur after flooding. It is an issue that develops in both the hidden and open areas. The restoration process is helpful in removing the toxic mold that might be dangerous. These firms are known for using the right techniques that remove mold safely thereby protecting your property from future mold/fungal growth.

Quick Restoration

Quick response is helpful in preventing severe damage from occurring. These companies have special tools and equipment that accomplishes this task well. It takes them a short time to complete the restoration process. They also provide drying and clean up services.…

Tips for Residential Landscaping Maintenance

landscaping, trees

Do you love your yard beautifully landscaped? But again you have plants or flowers which require little or no maintenance? You might be a lover of trees, but the thought of large landscape scares you because you are not sure if you will get time to keep it neat. Many people dream of a large landscape with different types of trees and flowers, but their dreams are shattered when they realize that they cannot get time to take care of the plantations and maintain a good looking landscape.

Residential landscaping, interlocking stone, backyard garden, is among the best ways to add beauty and value to your home. But, we lack the skill, knowledge and time to achieve it. This article will give you tips on how to achieve a beautiful landscape without spending a lot of time. Read on.

Understand the Soil in Your Home and the Plants Which Can Do Best in It

tree and flower gardenApproach tree nurseries in your area and get the information you want regarding soil and trees. If you are new in the area, ask about the weather conditions as well. This knowledge will help you choose plants which are more likely to succeed in your area.

Sketch Your Ideas

Take time to put down your ideas on paper. Indicate the areas you want to be with edges, hedges, trees and flower gardens. If you cannot do this on your own, talk to nursery people in your area. They will come to your house and help you out.

Plant Trees and Shrubs That Require Minimal Maintenance

Invest in trees and will require less of your time and effort but flourish for long. Remember to include shade trees in your selection. Shade trees allow the family members to sit under trees and enjoy the shade during summer. All residents should have this.

Plant Trees and Flowers That Are Native

Planting plants which are familiar with the area is the only way to lessen your work. The sun and water in the area should be enough and this way; you will spend less time and effort looking after them.

Start Small

beautiful gardenMaintaining large gardens and landscapes as a beginner might be tedious. It is best if you start small focusing on one or two areas. You can add more areas as years goes by. Master your time limits and plant with respect to that.

Plant Similar Plants Together

This will not only make the place look great, but it will be easy to maintain.


Why You Should Consider Inflatable Hot Tubs

milk bath

The benefits of a hot tub are more than relaxing your muscles. Soaking in a hot tub improves one’s blood circulation, relieves joint pains and eases body aches. Older adults who soak in the tab often experience high levels of mobility. Your doctor will recommend hot tubs during hydrotherapy for pain management from illness or injuries. Below are more reasons why you should invest in inflatable hot tubs. Read on.

Relieves Stress

Among the main reasons why people are installing these tubs is for relaxation purposes. After a stressful day, you can relax at home with an inflatable hot tub to de-stress. A long soak in a hot tub is the best stress reliever. Your mind and body will be calmed. Setting up an inflatable hot tub is easy. All you should do is plug it in an electric air pump and add steaming water.

Saves Space and Portability

inflatable bathtubIf you live in an apartment, you might not have enough space to install a ceramic tub. Inflatable hot tubs came for such people. If you live in dorms or rented spaces, you can benefit from them as well. After use, you only need to drain the water, deflate the tub, fold it and store it. You will pick it from the store the next time you will want to use it. If you do not use bathtubs often, this is the best option.

For individuals who constantly travel or rent apartments often, inflatable tubs make the best choice because they are easy to carry around and saves on space. A deflated tub can be carried anywhere you go. This means you can have your relaxing bath even when you are on a trip.

More Affordable

Compared to ceramic bathtubs, inflatable models are affordable. You can buy a quality inflatable tub with a fraction of the amount spent on ceramic hot tubs. They are available in different shapes and sizes. You can buy one from your local store or a home depot. If you want a variety of selection options, check with online stores.


Wide Choice

woman in inflatable hot tubThese tubs are becoming popular day after day. With the increased demand, manufacturers are coming up with new models with enhanced functions. Depending on your needs, you can buy a tub for a single person or a large one which can accommodate many people. The tubs are available in different designs and shapes hence finding that which fits your needs will not be a problem.

If you have been negotiating with your self on if to buy an inflatable bathtub or not, i am sure you found something convincing with the benefits discussed above. Research and window shop until you get exactly want you want. All the best in your search.…

Gardening Tips: How the Best Home Gardener Should Look Like


Statistically, most homeowners have become freelance gardeners as a way of decorating their home gardens and adding a personal touch to the garden. Despite appearing to be a simple task, gardening can be quite complex especially depending on the level of creativity you want to employ. Gardening is intimidating and is definitely not ideal for the faint-hearted. As such, it is important to know about the traits and habits of an excellent gardener. These traits are such as:

Consistency and persistence

gardeningIt is obvious that you cannot be good at gardening overnight. Instead, it takes time and effort to improve and polish your gardening skills. As such, you should develop a habit of being consistent and persistent in your gardening efforts. Even when you cannot manage to garden every day, you should spare some time in your schedule to attend to the garden at least twice every week. Attending to the plants and flowers in the garden regularly not only enables you to improve your gardening skills but also ensures that the plants get the necessary care.


People learn all the aspects of gardening gradually and systematically. You have to start with the basics before you consider advancing to complex gardening concepts and strategies. It is worth noting that becoming a good gardener is a process and not a one-moment thing. The skills you learn today will be crucial in enabling you to learn complex gardening projects and designs. Ideally, all gardening skills especially the basic ones are a building block for advanced and detailed skills.

Learn from failure

home gardenPerfection does not exist in gardening. When trying out your hand at gardening, you will most likely kill plants or commit any other mistake. However, this does not mean that you will not turn out to be a successful gardener in future. Instead, you should use your failure as a lesson to identify the dos and don’ts when gardening.

Additionally, it is from these mistakes that you will realize the best aspects and strategies to use when gardening. What is more important about making mistakes when gardening is that the failures will shape you into becoming a successful gardener.

Observation and adaptation

Good gardeners are excellent in observation and adaptation. They want their plants keenly for signs and symptoms that may indicate disease attack or a looming pest infestation. There are high chances that as you try out your hand in gardening, you will pick up adaptation and observation skills naturally. This makes gardening enjoyable, fun and thrilling to learn and practice. The best thing about the adaptation and observation skills you acquire from gardening is that they will boost your efficiency and performance in other aspects such as at work or school.


There are unlimited resources for motivation and creativity in gardening. The internet is one of the best places to learn about these resources and apply what you learn in your gardening efforts. Interacting with established gardeners and professional outdoor decorators can also impart you with valuable skills on how to become a good gardener.…

Common Kitchen Appliances to Buy for a New Kitchen

kitchen accessories

Congratulations on moving to your new home. It is now time to figure out which kitchen appliance will fit for your new kitchen. This article is all about all the essential kitchen tools that are recommended when you’re moving into your new apartment. We’re going to categorize them based on their features, and we’ll start with the cutting tools.

Cutting tools

kitchen knivesEvery chef needs a sturdy and durable knife. I recommend testing a few at your local specialty kitchen store to make sure that you find the right fit for you.

Chef’s Knife – since you will be using this for everything, you want to make sure that it is comfortable. Chef’s knives are great for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, etc. Just make sure to keep it sharp at all times.

Paring Knife – another must-have is a paring knife. It will help you cut smaller things like fruits, herbs, and vegetables with precision.

A vegetable peeler – A vegetable peeler is better than a knife for getting skins off fruits. Vegetable peelers are also great for making chocolate shavings or vegetable ribbons to give your food a fancy flair.

Oven and cooking tools

You will need a good baking sheet for roasting meats and vegetables. Be sure to find a thicker sheet so that it doesn’t warp in the heat of your oven.

On to cooking tools, I’m going to start off with the spatula. They are easy on your pots and pans so that it doesn’t scratch the surface. The shape of the spoon also makes it really versatile; you can mix, stir, scrape and even spread with it. Tongs are also great when you’re turning heavier foods like meat on the grill or in the roasting pan.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans also play a vital role in your kitchen. Without these items, you won’t even be able to cook in the first place. Here are the main cooking items you will need:


Sauce Pan – next is a saucepan. This will be your workhorse in the kitchen, and you can use this to steam your vegetables, cook your pasta and rice and also use it to make classic sauces or gravy.

Cast-iron Pan – starting off the list is pots and pans. One of the favorites is a cast-iron skillet. These vary in different sizes, but I recommend a 10 to 12-inch pan. A well-seasoned cast-iron pan is naturally nonstick, so you don’t have to worry about the Teflon issue. The food cooks really evenly on this, and it can also double as a roasting pan for meats in the oven too.


A stockpot – every kitchen should have a really big pot. This pot is great for making large amounts of soups, for boiling massive amounts of pasta or for when you need to make your own broth.


Congratulations on moving into your first apartment, I hope this list of essential tools will help you in setting up your kitchen. Happy cooking!…